Why IDX is important

In the age where information is just a click away, more and more real estate agents are trying their hands in the online market to gather more visits and potential buyers. This is only typical since 90% of buyers use the internet to aggressively search for the best properties. Time is of the essence with all homebuyers; and with IDX, real estate websites are infixed with a hassle-free point-and-click solution.

Functionality is only part of what IDX can bring to real estate websites – inventory is another. With an IDX website, thousands of properties can be added to the extensive inventory. This inventory is linked to the MLS through a feed, which can be customized to suit specific client-based objectives. Here at Dominor, we make sure to involve our clients throughout the setup process to incorporate their preferences.

Setting goals for the website

Since the advent of online transactions, real estate websites have become a necessity. Investing in an IDX website requires more than web-savvy. An understanding of the competitive nature of real estate websites should also prompt every investors to hire only the most reliable and experienced Web Development company. Here at Dominor, we make sure that the objectives and goals of our clients are met and exceeded.

We provide a serious and dedicated marketing solution that ensures success by incorporating the rudimentary exigencies every real estate website should have:

  1. A method of providing an existing client base with excellent service.
  2. The ability to create a professional atmosphere that extends to real-world environment.
  3. A structure to propel the business to success and market dominance.

Here at Dominor, we make sure that those conditions are met through the implementation of several IDX features, including:

Each property listing will be provided with its own metatag as well as a combination of popular search terms.

Websites are equipped with a user-centric and friendly system that allows each user to personalize his or her visit, including updates and notifications.

The crucial feature that every real estate website must have provides users with a no-nonsense, easy-to-use navigational tool to pin-point specific properties in a variety of locations.

Three different views for pinpoint property search

  • Map View for wider, geo-specific overview of the property’s location
  • Street View for an even more interactive look at the neighborhood including up-to-date nearby properties
  • Bing Map for extensive views and personalized search, which offers 2D and 3D views, bird’s-eye view and other useful functions

We allow our clients to choose either their server or ours.

Modules are used to create specialized pages within the website that brokers and agents can use.

Increase and improve visibility through RSS feeds, enabling you to post updates and instantly reach your audience and be included in the feeds they browse and read.

Engage page visitors more effectively through easy image navigation, guaranteed easy to access, responsive, and with many smart features for better navigation experience.

Engage and attract more customers through quality content in each property description page.

Search function and site navigation are presented in a very simple, efficient, and user-friendly interface, for ease of access for visitors.

Financial comparison tools lets you be empowered and be in control over all financial updates and documents you need to keep track. It lets you assess and evaluate profits, risks, performances, and other financial concerns.

We value our clients’ business. Here at Dominor, we work to the full extent of our capabilities to provide high-quality results because we uphold customer satisfaction first.

Contact us now and we’ll see what we can do for your next online venture.